Sales Training for Distributors that Drives Measurable Sales Results

"Few distributors have the sophisticated human resources development processes to actually measure and improve employee productivity.National Association of Wholesalers

Too often “hit and run” training leaves distributor sales representatives with little more than a binder of ideas and the trainer’s assurance as he leaves that “it works.”

Real growth and performance improvement requires more than mere content delivery.  For your sales representatives to make the leap from “I know” to “I do,” they must go through a series of steps that include: process new information, connect it to their work, plan how they will use it, and then act.  View slide show

More than just training, we focus on skill development and performance improvement. With online learning strategically placed between live sessions, we incorporate practice, self-assessment, and manager coaching to achieve lasting results. 

We developed Driving Sales Beyond specifically for mid-market distributors and the suppliers they represent.  It can turn your sales force into a team of achievers through:

Consistency – Once and for all communicate proven, field-tested methods of going to market across all territories in your sales organization.  Deliver one vision, one set of expectations and one plan for execution.  With all of your people on the same page, you will realize your sales goals quicker.

Collaboration - Peter Drucker said that we need knowledgeable workers who are skilled in problem solving, collaboration and learning.  Driving Sales Beyond offers web-based collaboration and virtual teamwork that allows your people to benefit from the exchange of ideas and expertise. 

Cumulative learning – Driving Sales Beyond draws on the strengths of cumulative learning and development.  Blending strategic classroom training with online learning, it builds your people skill-by-skill, step-by-step from where they are now to where they need to be.

Key components of the Driving Sales Beyond learning experience include:

Learning Modules
Application Challenges
Peers Coaching Peers
Best Practices Library
Subject Matter Experts

Latest Research To Drive Organic Sales Growth
Our new book published by the National Association of Wholesalers provides your roadmap of best practices for leading a high performance sales culture. 

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