Corporate Citizenship

4th Generation Systems prizes good citizenship and seeks to generate positive impact beyond those we serve in business.  We reach out to the communities in which we live and beyond by providing programs, services and resources through two nonprofit organizations:

The LEO Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity is a change agent for talented adolescents whose energies are channeled in the wrong direction.  LEO focuses on the essentials of Love, Education and Opportunity to encourage these at-risk youth to contribute to the good of society and mankind.

We Do Care was founded on the belief that while those in the US military honorably fulfill their duty, every US citizen also has a duty to fulfill:  to insure that our uniformed men and women clearly see that they are supported.  We Do Care provides tangible opportunities for communities to uphold and thank active duty and veteran military personnel through its Freedom Festivals, which coordinate the services of established military support organizations.


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