Relevant Content and Meeting Facilitation that Transforms Your Sales Team

Does the implementation of strategic changes with your sales team keep you up at night? Are there behaviors that you would like your sales team to change? Do you want your people to step out of their comfort zones and grow?

Dirk Beveridge is a vibrant facilitator with whom your people can relate. He speaks not from theory, but personal experience and with equal credibility to the sales representative, sales manager and CEO. He excels at helping professionals see themselves from a fresh perspective and identify practical ways to improve their skills. With his approachable and frank manner, he gets the individuals on your team to honestly assess where are they today and helps them to realize, that as good as they are now, there is room for improvement.

However, Dirk’s keynotes are more than just feel good motivational speaking lectures. He delivers practical information, tools and best practices your team can immediately put to use. He facilitates growth by creating learning experiences your salespeople can participate in. Your people will be inspired to try new skills and identify a clear roadmap between:

•    Where they are today
•    Where they need to be, and
•    Specifically what they must do to get there.

To discuss how to propel your people to action at your next meeting or training session, contact Dirk.

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