Dirk's Keynote Speaking Topics

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Topics for Associations

Driving Distributor Sales Beyond - Based on Dirk's new book with the National Association of Wholesalers.....

BOSS - The Mandatory Business Operating System Standards – Perfect keynote for most business and association meetings. As a third party catalyst, Dirk insures all functions and all levels of the organization understand how their responsibilities tie directly into management's direction and vision.

Marketing - The Perception of Difference - Effective marketing today demands an intense customer focus - the customer's needs, wants, desires, challenges, and opportunities.

Why Successful Businesses Don't Stay - This keynote presentation focuses on five criteria providing the needed "shock treatment" to continue the process of transferring accountability for results from management to the line level individual and/or distributor franchisee.

Integrating Sales and Marketing - Five critical success factors of this proven and practical plan focuses on results through top to bottom implementation.

Everyone is Part of the Sales Promise - Manufacturing, service, R&D, management, administration, the receptionist, everyone must understand their role in the commitment to satisfy customer requirements.

Topics for Sales Management

Sales Management - Why The Best Are Better - Sales Management  Coaching and Sales Motivation. He takes a challenging and in-depth look at the profile of the world's top producing sales managers, and their tools, processes, and methods. This  keynote presentation is guaranteed to drive improved sales management performance as Dirk emphasizes the role of the sales manager as a coach - with discipline, challenge, and a requirement for upgrading the skills and goal attainment of the sales team.

Topics for Sales

Evolution Of Selling Skills - The sales profession has evolved from “I like you, you like me, buy from me,” to the professional process of identifying and satisfying the customers needs...profitably.  The four generations of sales people will clearly be outlined allowing for a self-evaluation by the sales team.

Proactive Customer Focused Sales - Customer-Focus and Customer Retention- If your sales organization is selling in the same way they did just twelve months ago, you are beginning to lose your business. This keynote addresses how rather than focusing on product, the top producing sales professionals understand the agenda of their customers and find solutions to help move this agenda forward.

Account Bonding - Satisfying customers needs demands a sophisticated process of identifying the needs, selling a solution and then insuring the solution worked for the customer.  This session will focus on the five critical steps to develop long term business relationships with customers while selling more to and deeper into the account.

The Value Added Sales Process - Once customer needs are identified, Beveridge will provide a proven process for developing creative, value added solutions which make the customer more anxious to buy than the sales person is to sell.

Customer Focused Proposals - The process of developing and presenting proposals, which take the emphasis away from product and price and helps the customer see the real value by focusing on needs and value added solutions.  Closing the business profitably will be central to this discussion.

Territory Management - Territory management consists of three disciplines, which the sales representative must incorporate to ensure the greatest market penetration.  The annual sales strategy is the process for developing the annual action plan and “road map” for exceeding annual goals.  The process for managing the geography is too often ignored.  And the third component is the use of a consolidated system for keeping territory records.  Each will be explored in this session.

Self Management - Top producers can and do manage their time.  In fact if more than 10 percent of an individuals work plan must be changed in any given week it is usually the fault of the planner and not the fault of the plan.  This session will look at time management and work plans in-depth.  Importantly this session looks at an often ignored aspect of self management, performance measurement.  Top producing sales people know that just tracking numbers is not good enough.  Because good times can camouflage poor performance, the sales representative must have a series of checks and balances to determine factually how they are performing in the marketplace.

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