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"Create a training system to instill the mindsets, competencies, and skills necessary to develop the kind of salesperson your company wants."  The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

4th Generation Systems works with a select group of distributors and manufacturers on a one-to-one basis to customize their team development.  These companies are committed to (1) strengthening their sales and sales management capabilities, and (2) working with us for the long-term to ensure that the systems and training we put in place fulfill the vision of their executive management.

Our team of professionals conducts an in-depth, top to bottom assessment of current sales and sales management realities.  Additionally, we roll up our sleeves to spend time on the “front lines,” in the field with the sales team.

We then tailor course content, tools, and other features of our learning platform to reflect the uniqueness of each organization.  The resulting customized sales and sales management systems directly relate to the vision of executive management.

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Latest Research To Drive Organic Sales Growth
Our new book published by the National Association of Wholesalers provides your roadmap of best practices for leading a high performance sales culture. 

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